Concussions are mild traumatic injuries in the brain that are common after an accident. The condition is known as mTBI, and it can cause personality changes as well as short- or long-term memory loss.

Concussions are likely to occur during a truck accident, especially if the driver or passenger hits their head. The impact of the collision could lead to a concussion if the driver hits their head on the steering wheel or the headrest. However, a concussion may sometimes occur even without the head hitting any surface. The magnitude of a truck accident could be enormous, and a lot can happen even if the brain inside the skull hits the cranium.

Reasons to Seek Medical Care after a Truck Accident

Since a concussion is a common occurrence following a truck accident, it is essential to seek medical attention immediately after because of:

Delayed Impact

Concussion symptoms don’t always become obvious right away. You may feel fine, but the dizziness or any other issue may not occur until after a few days.

Sometimes, it could be a few weeks before you notice any signs, and some people even miss the connection between the concussion and the resultant problems. By seeking medical care, you can prevent the onset of a lot of issues that don’t manifest right away.

No Outer Injuries

Another reason to get yourself medically checked after a truck accident is that there might not be any signs of injury.

Since concussions may occur even if your brain hits the inner skull, it is sometimes impossible to determine that you even have an injury. There might not be any bleeding, bruises, or swelling, yet you could develop symptoms of concussion. The only way to determine that is to have yourself checked.

Varied Symptoms

There could be any number of issues that arise due to a concussion, and you may not be able to identify all of them yourself. Common symptoms of concussion are headaches, confusion, nausea, dizziness, or losing your balance.

However, there are other symptoms like slow speech, memory loss, light sensitivity, difficulty focusing, mood swings, insomnia, audio sensitivity, and more. Only a doctor will be able to identify if these are the results of a concussion.

Making an Insurance Claim

One of the main motives for getting medical attention for a concussion following a truck accident is to submit an insurance claim. In order to prove that the truck accident caused your concussion, you must provide medical records, regardless of whether you want to file a claim with your insurance company or seek compensation. After that, with the aid of an accomplished attorney, you can successfully file a claim based on the findings of the medical examination.

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