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Dog Bites

Dog bites are quite common these days and can cause serious injuries such as compound fractures, puncture wounds, nerve damage, facial lacerations, scarring and disfigurement, rabies, emotional trauma, or a few internal injuries. Though dogs show an endless amount of love, they can cause damage to your property and even harm you.

You should consult a dog bite attorney such as Craig J. Concannon, P.C. if your dog has bitten someone or someone else’s dog has bitten you. Our firm can provide you with information about your dog bite case, the extent of your liability, the types of defenses available, as well as the probable legal and financial consequences. Experts at Craig J. Concannon, P.C. will help you get an insurance claim with the dog owner’s insurance company. We use our knowledge and experience while dealing with the insurance company and ensure we negotiate a fair settlement.

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If you’ve ever been a dog bite victim, you know how painful it can be. There are people who suffer permanent physical disabilities, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and more, after a vicious animal attack. Similarly, dog bites can be very dangerous, painful, and expensive. From a legal perspective, you have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries and losses after being bitten by someone else’s dog. But getting a claim isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have an experienced dog bite attorney by your side. Contact Craig J. Concannon, P.C. if you are having any trouble demonstrating the full extent of your damages. We can help you navigate through the legal process, assess your case, and bring it to a fair resolution, all while making sure that you get compensated for your damages. Our goal is also to help you cover some or all of the costs of your medical treatment and other financial injuries caused by the attack.

Contact Craig J. Concannon, P.C.—An Experienced Dog Bite Attorney

Being bitten by a dog is in no way a good experience. Make sure you get justice and the compensation that you deserve. Hire the experts at Craig J. Concannon, P.C., for a free consultation and alleviate your pain and suffering. We are aware of the defenses that an opposing dog bite lawyer might make against you and how to best refute them. Depending on the laws in your state, there are a few frequent defenses that an opposing dog bite lawyer might use, including trespassing, provocation, and comparative negligence. If you’re dealing with a lawsuit involving injuries caused by a dog, get in touch with Craig J. Concannon, P.C., at the earliest opportunity.

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