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Injuries to Passengers

St. Louis is one of the most populated cities in Missouri. In recent years, the state has seen its fair share of traffic accidents causing various kinds of injury, damage, and death to drivers and passengers. In 2020, there were around 131,390 auto accidents and 47,894 personal injuries resulting from car crashes. Car crashes can leave various injuries like soft tissue damage, whiplash, strain, sprain, concussion, cuts, laceration, broken bones, etc.

Not only are adult passengers involved, but children also fell victim to auto-accident injuries. Every 34 seconds, a child in the US is involved in a car accident. Children sustain extensive minor to severe injuries from seatbelts, airbags, broken bones, bruises, cuts, brain damage, and even death. Consult an experienced lawyer if you or your children sustained injuries from car accidents even though you were passengers.

Talk to a Lawyer

Talk to a reliable lawyer if you or your children suffered any injury while traveling as a passenger in a car. Missouri has an at-fault legal structure where the negligent party will be responsible for all the damage settlement. If not declared at fault, adults are eligible to receive compensation for medical, rehabilitation, or wage loss. Children under 18 cannot pursue a legal measure for cost-settlement in auto-accident injury cases. However, the child’s parents have the full right to pursue legal action if their child suffers any injury. Any injured child with a minor to a severe injury that affects their future development is entitled to their rightful compensation in the event of an auto accident.

Children are often injured because they are not properly secured in their passenger seats. Secure your children in their seats properly if you are driving with them. If you or your children are hurt, you can get legal help from Craig J. Concannon, P.C. We know how painful it is to see your child hurt, and we will do our best to get the rightful compensation for your child.

Consult with an experienced lawyer for Personal Injury Settlement in St. Louis, MO.

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