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Personal Injury Attorney Santa Clarita

Personal Injury Attorney Santa Clarita

Aghabegian & Associates is home to the best personal injury attorney in Santa Clarita with decades of combined personal injury law experience, and we have won tens of millions of dollars for our clients in settlements and trials.

Our firm in CA has the resources and experience to take on the most complex cases and get the best results for our clients. We have recovered many millions of dollars for our clients in personal injury cases, including car accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, and more. If you or someone you know has been injured in California in an accident, contact us and ask for a free consultation.

Legal Advice for People Who Have Been in an Accident

If you have been in an accident in CA, there are a few things you should do immediately to protect your rights:

1. Seek medical attention immediately, even if you don't think you are injured. Some injuries, such as whiplash, may not be immediately apparent.

2. Do not sign any insurance forms or documents without consulting an attorney.

3. Do not give a recorded statement to an insurance company.

4. Do not post anything about your accident on social media.

5. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Santa Clarita as soon as possible to discuss your case and protect your rights.

Do you need a Personal Injury Attorney in Santa Clarita?

Following an auto accident, it is important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. There are many deadlines and statutes of limitations that can bar your claim if you wait too long, so it is important to act quickly.

At Aghabegian & Associates, we offer free consultations so that you can learn about your legal rights and options without any obligation. We will review your case and give you our honest opinion on whether we think you have a valid claim. If we decide to take on your case, we will do so on a contingency basis- we only get paid if we recover restitution for you. Contact us today in our CA office to schedule a free telephone consultation with one of our top personal injury attorneys in Santa Clarita.

Contact Aghabegian & Associates for a Free Legal Consultation.

You may have been involved in an accident and are now wondering if you need to hire a personal injury lawyer in Santa Clarita. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you decide if hiring a lawyer is right for you.

Do I need a personal injury lawyer? You may be able to negotiate some type of settlement with the other party's insurance company without hiring a lawyer. However, if the insurance company denies your claim or offers a low settlement, you may want to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can help you gather evidence, file a lawsuit, and negotiate with the insurance company.

How much does it cost an injured person to hire a personal injury lawyer? Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means they only receive a fee if they win your case. Contingency fees are typically a percentage of the final settlement or verdict. For example, if you settle your accident case for $10,000, the lawyer may receive $3,000 (30%). If the case goes to trial in California and the jury awards you $100,000, the lawyer may receive $30,000 (30%).

What should I look for when hiring a CA personal injury lawyer? When choosing a personal injury lawyer, it is important to find someone who has experience handling cases like yours. You should also make sure that the lawyer is licensed to practice law in your state and that he or she has a good reputation. Finally, you should feel comfortable communicating with the lawyer and feel confident that he or she will fight for your best interests.

Personal Injury Attorney Santa Clarita

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Personal Injury Attorney Santa Clarita